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Blower Door Testing

The most effective way to assess the efficiency of your building envelope, as well as the tightness and seal of your commercial structure, is to do a blower door test. Blower door testing, which is frequently the initial step in determining the overall energy efficiency of your structure, is something we undertake at Triton Test Balance throughout Northern Illinois and the Greater Midwest Region (see our full Service Area Map here). If we visit your building to execute this testing, the results will be useful information in determining how to improve the seal and effectiveness of your building envelope. The blower door test essentially determines how airtight your building is, which has a direct bearing on how energy-efficient it is and how much energy you use.


One of the greatest methods to determine if your building is a good, tight structure that is efficient and green, or more like a sieve with air pouring in from every corner, is to perform a blower door test. The test involves mounting a sizable fan in your exterior entryway, which swiftly and forcefully removes the air from your building. To do this, we utilize state of the art Retrotec Blower Door Testing systems. This process causes the indoor air pressure to be significantly decreased. The outside air with a higher pressure “attacks” your home once the pressure inside lowers sharply, discovering and exposing all the cracks and crevices that aren’t sealed or aren’t sealed well. Our inspector then records these air leaks, which is always eye opening for the building owner.

Contact Triton Test Balance to schedule your blower door test today. We service Freeport, Rockford, Chicago-suburbs, Madison Wisconsin, Dubuque Iowa and many other surrounding regions. See our full Service Area Map here.

For commercial, industrial, and multi-family projects, Triton Test Balance offers third-party complete building enclosure air tightness testing and different air barrier testing services. Triton serves customers in the northern midwest, including Rockford, Chicago suburbs, Madison Wisconsin, Dubuque Iowa, and all neighboring cities, by completing effective complete building blower door testing. Too see our whole service area, click here.


A blower door is used to pressurize and depressurize the building according to the standard being tested too. Testing is carried out in accordance with several test standards. We utilize state of the art Retrotec Blower Door Testing systems. A complete list of pressure points is gathered and an assessment of suitable air leakage upgrades that could be done to improve the building enclosure system can then be made. Flaws in the system can then be corrected before closing assemblies up or covering with finishes, which has the greatest impact. Testing and final work should be staged strategically to ensure the ability to repair areas of the building that require enclosure repair. Regardless of your objectives, you can be assured that Triton Test Balance is the blower door testing company near you that will ensure your building meets, if not exceeds, numerous required criteria to help you receive the most savings, health, and comfort benefits for your commercial property.
blower door testing
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