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Building air ducts get dirty over time. Dirty air ducts can affect indoor air quality – subjecting building occupants to exposure to chemicals, molds, dust mites, bacteria, and other pollutants. Many indoor air problems can be traced directly to the HVAC system.

Cleaning ductwork professionally can enhance the quality of air in your facility and save money on energy bills by improving the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system.

Triton professionals remove dust, dirt, mold and debris in your air ducts using a quick, clean process that dislodges the fragments and powerfully vacuums harmful contaminants away.

Triton technicians deploy controlled state-of-the-art robots that visually inspect, agitate, loosen and clean debris – to be harmlessly drawn away by Triton’s industrial vacuum systems. Our cleaning robots can travel up to 200 feet (two-thirds the length of a football field) and pass through duct sizes ranging from 8″x6″ to large 24″x24″ ducts.

All debris is then removed from the system with a powerful Zephyr Vacuum / Compressor and deposited into a contained hopper outside the building – ensuring the cleanest possible result.

The complexity of modern commercial HVAC systems – multi-zone, dual duct, mixing boxes, turning vanes and fire dampers – demand specialized skills, experience and investment in technology to properly clean ductwork.

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The ducts in a business are hidden under the floors, in the walls and attic and in crawlspaces. Although they are out of sight they are certainly not out of mind, they are a critical component of a well functioning heating and air conditioning system. As the building ages there is a distinct possibility that there will be deterioration of the ducts; small holes may appear and the joints may separate, the result is poor air circulation, degraded air quality and high energy bills.


As much as you would hope that it never happens, air ducts do get dirty and damaged. If you are concerned about the air quality in your home and you want to drive down your energy bill then you might have to undertake air duct repair.

The Solution?

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Duct Armor’s patented duct restoration is non-invasive and eliminates the need to cut up the foundation of your home. Remodeling of the interior or the relocation of air ducts into the attic is not necessary with our solution. All of the work can be done while you are in the home.

The coating material is a proprietary water-based latex material that contains zinc. Our product will inhibit the growth of any mold or bacteria, without the use of poisons. Duct Armor has been rigorously tested for safety including fire safety and out-gassing, etc. Duct Armor is so safe it is classified as a non-hazmat material for shipping.

Duct Armor will make air ducts air tight which will satisfy the new energy regulations, including HERS testing. This means immediate energy savings for many years to come.

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See the Difference For Yourself!

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