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Greater Midwest Region

Pre & post Construction Consulting

Triton Test and Balance has the experience, resources and technology to properly test and balance HVAC systems. Our engineers are trained and certified by the National Balancing Council in the field of commercial HVAC air and hydronic (the use of water as the medium to transfer heat in HVAC systems) testing & balancing.

Pre Construction Plan Review & Construction Check
Triton’s decades of experience makes us a logical choice for consultation on Pre Construction Plan review. Our technology can be employed to help verify the adequacy of new construction, remodeling, or new system installation. We can also serve as field review during construction to verify each step of the installation process.

Triton Value Engineering
Occasionally, even though the low bids were opened and accepted, some building projects don’t move forward because the cost couldn’t meet the budget. Triton Value Engineering can help.

Triton Value Engineering is a resource often called on to re-visit project bids to scrutinize the design and find new solutions that help bring costs into budget – and help move the project forward. If Triton is the winning contractor in these circumstances, we’re delighted to credit back the cost of the Value Engineering review to the project.
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